The Handtied Bouquet in Water

Handtied bouquet - Daisy

The Handtied Bouquet in Water

Send fresh flowers in water using The Topiary Tree Florist.

A handtied bouquet in water is created and designed for each recipient bursting with as much life, colour and scent as possible. This beautiful, bespoke flower arrangement is ready to display in its own water pouch, after being transported carefully in cool water - Your bouquet will not only look great but will be ready to display.

Water for Freshness

The flowers will arrive in water for freshness. Although you can leave your bouquet this way and simply top up with water when required, we do highly recommend that they are removed from their wrapping and placed in a clean vase within 48 hours. This will help prolong the vase life of your flowers.

When you have found your vase, you need to add fresh water. It is best to use water at room temperature rather than ice cold water.

Feed the Flowers

A sachet of Flower Food is provided with your Handtied bouquet. This is usually found in the brown envelope with the message card. This food contains nutrients that will prolong the vase life of your flowers - Empty the sachet of flower food into the clean water.

Next you will need to remove the gift wrapping and drain away the water. Please remember to do this over a sink to avoid spillages!!

Your flowers will be held together with twine or ribbon, this will be tied around the stems holding each bloom in place. You can remove the tie if you would like to create a looser style in your vase.


Caring for your Flowers

You will need to cut approximately 3cm off the end of each stem, ensuring you make the incision at a 45-degree angle with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife. In this process it is advisable to place your flowers in water very soon after you have cut the stems. Ensure that you remove leaves that would be below the water line.

Always keep your flowers away from fruit, radiators, bright light and drafts. Bacteria can quickly formulate in the water which is harmful to your flowers, so every other day pour away the old water and replace with fresh clean water. Recut the stems before you return the flowers to the fresh water.

We hope you enjoy your handtied bouquet in water created by The Topiary Tree Florist.

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