How To Choose Your Wedding Suppliers


Wedding Suppliers

How To Choose

Did you receive an extra sparkly gift this Christmas?

If so, Congratulations! It’s time to plan your Big Day! It’s a big wedding world and choosing your perfect wedding day suppliers can be a little overwhelming! We’ve put together some helpful tips so you are one step closer to your Big Day.

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Don’t Rush

Do Your Research!

It’s important to book your suppliers in plenty of time but don’t feel pressure to book the first one you see. Try to use recommendations from family and friends and your wedding venue – it’s a great way to find out about existing suppliers. Check out their professional social media and website, ensure you read their ‘about’ page or ‘meet the team’ these will give you a great indication of the company. You will need to consider your venue, your wedding style and budget.


Venue – most suppliers are willing to travel, however, you may find some are not. Have a think about where your suppliers are based.

Wedding Style – choose a supplier that compliments your style.

Budget – You can splash out if you can cut back elsewhere, it’s easy to get carried away and spend more than you can afford!


Make A Shortlist

Create a shortlist of suppliers that you love – don’t forget to contact them to check they have your wedding date available!

Arrange a telephone or face to face consultation with each supplier, it is important to get an idea of what it will be like to work together and build a report. Try to arrange a consultation with just you and your partner, as attending with lots of family or friends can get confusing and encourage too many opinions.

Test your supplier by seeing how they respond to your ideas, ensure they are listening and don’t favour their own plans and ideas over your own. A great supplier will be friendly, proactive and flexible. It’s also useful to make a note of the date that your deposit is due and when you need to pay your final balance.

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Make Your Decision

Once you have made the exciting decision on the supplier you would like to work with, break the good news and start to iron out the final details with them. Try to let any other suppliers know that you have gone with someone else – they will always appreciate your honesty!

Ask your chosen supplier if they have terms and conditions available. And if so, read these carefully and make sure that you are happy with everything included.


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