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The Must Have Stylish Accessory For The Groom And His Groomsmen!

The lovely little buttonhole or Boutonni√®re, so cute and so timeless. Where did this miniature posy tradition come from? The idea behind wearing the buttonhole came from ancient Greece. Traditionally flowers and herbs were pinned to the chest, close to the heart. This depicted the belief that flowers help to keep the evil spirits away from the heart […]

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🌻🌹 Four Reasons To Prioritize Flowers For Your Wedding 🌹🌻

Gone are the days of DIY wedding flowers…. And thank goodness the tide is finally turning! It’s time to value the art of floral design. The scope of DIY flowers is not worth adding on to the already long wedding to-do list. Popular wedding planning tools still suggest allocating only a small portion (8-10%) of […]

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