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Wedding Florist Terminology

If you’re new to the wedding scene and have just started planning your perfect wedding, you may feel a bit inundated with all the terminology and jargon.

Here is a handy dictionary to keep you up to date with the lingo.



Best Man

Usually the groom’s best mate, brother or other close family member, including the groom’s father. The guy who plans the stag do and keeps hold of the wedding band on the big day.


A small bunch of flowers pinned to the lapel of a jacket. This would usually be worn by the men in your wedding party.

Bridal Procession 

Your grand entrance! The walk down the aisle, usually after your bridesmaids have strolled down before you.



The main event! And the bit that makes it legal.


A small bundle of flowers worn by the women in your wedding party.

Chief Bridesmaid

Also referred to as the MOH or Maid of Honor. She’s the bride’s go-to, usually a lifelong friend, sister, cousin or some other close relative. Tasked with sorting out the hen, helping to write invitations or make favours and generally being on hand to help plan and sort the wedding.


The fee you’re charged by your reception venue/caterer for their removing of the corks from wine bottles. Still applies even if you use screw top bottles.


Engagement Photo Shoot

Having engagement or pre-wedding photos done is becoming more popular with couples. Photos from engagement shoots in London can be used in your wedding display and stationery. They are also very useful as a trial run with your wedding photographer.

Engagement Ring

The ring traditionally given at the time of the proposal to the bride-to-be. Generally composed of diamonds or other stones and convention says should be the equivalent in price to three month’s salary. A thing to be gawked at.

Engagement Party

The gathering of all your friends and family to congratulate you and to gawk at the engagement ring.



The gift you give your guests at the wedding breakfast. Usually left on the place setting, can be edible, comical or practical. Best when it matches your wedding theme or is a reflection of the happy couple.

First Look

The First Look traditionally happens before the Ceremony, when the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time. A great time to get some photographs of the moment you see each other all ready to go!

Country House Bouquet

G, H & N


A mixture of chocolate and cream which can be used to fill or coat a wedding cake. Delicious.


The holiday the newlyweds take after their big day. Typically to a warm, sun-soaked beach, but can be anywhere you like. Adventure-based, African safari, US road trip, Disneyworld, Scottish Highlands–anywhere you’ve always dreamed of going. One to two weeks is generally the given honeymoon length.

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are very popular at the moment, it is essentially a wedding cake without the fancy icing. With the sponge left exposed, it is usually decorated with fresh flowers.


Place Cards

Small cards bearing each guests’ name to indicate their place on the table.


There is a ‘moon’ for everything! The Planning-moon is that blissful time between first getting engaged and the first argument about colour swatches… Enjoy!


The song played as the bride walks down the aisle. Traditional favourites are The Wedding March and Pachabel’s Canon in D, though many brides choose songs that are special to them. The options are endless!



Music that plays as you leave the ceremony.


The Reception takes place after the Ceremony. Your guests will usually enjoy reception drinks, followed by dinner, and then dancing!

Autumn Bouquet



Once you’ve decided on your wedding date, let your guests know to keep it free, with ‘save the date’ cards. This will ensure they’re aware of the wedding well before you send out official invitations.


Your grand exit! Whether it’s a bug last dance to your favourite track, guests bursting party poppers or throwing petals, the send-off marks the end to your day and the start of your new life as a married couple!

Sten Night

A combined Stag and Hen Night.

Sweetheart Table

A table for two! If you fancy a little alone time to enjoy your wedding breakfast, ask for a Sweetheart Table so that you can eat without too much disruption.


Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies

The toastmaster will introduce the speeches, propose toasts and co-ordinate speakers during your wedding breakfast.


The many levels of your wedding cake. Usually starting with a larger layer at the bottom, decreasing in size as you go higher. Opt for a traditional fruit cake, or get creative with a different flavour for each tier!

Top Table

This is where you’ll enjoy your wedding breakfast with the main people in your wedding party. Traditionally, you’d sit in the middle, with parents on each side, followed by Bridesmaid’s and the Best Man. Though there are no rules – you might choose to sit with the rest of your guests, or invite your closest friends to join you ion the top table. It’s completely up to you.

Table Plan

An overview of each table to show guests where they will be sat. Many couples like to give each table a name based on the wedding theme.

Toss Bouquet

A smaller version of the Bride’s bouquet that is used to “toss” during the reception. Gather all of the ladies onto the dancefloor, and with your back to them, toss the bouquet over your head.

The lucky lady to catch it is said to be the next to get married.

U & V


Uplighting can transform the look and feel of your wedding reception space. Choose colours to match your theme, or a “Colour Wash” design to transform your space from daytime to party time!


A small 2 inch candle that will burn for around 9-12 hours. These candles create a beautiful ambience for both ceremonies and evening receptions.


Cannot be written in the UK as there are certain things everyone must say. You will be given a choice of accepted vows and can choose which ones you’d like to give on your wedding day.


Wedding Breakfast

The time between the ceremony and the reception where the wedding party, ceremony guests and newlyweds enjoy a meal. Usually around mid to late afternoon.

Wedding Coordinator/Events Manager

Your wedding coordinator will book your wedding, discuss your vision for how the day will go, arrange menus, room layout, guestrooms and work hard to bring your dream to reality.

Wedding Insurance

Important to have. Safety in case anything goes wrong with any aspect of your wedding plans and means you won’t lose deposits. Shop around for the best coverage.

Wedding Party

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are collectively referred to as the wedding party.

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