Which Bridal Bouquet Style Will You Carry Down The Aisle?


Which Bridal Bouquet Will You Carry Down The Aisle?

A bouquet of fresh blooms is the perfect finishing touch for any bride – with so many wedding bouquet styles to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when considering your bridal bouquet.

Here’s our expert guide to finding perfect wedding bouquet styles for you...

No matter where you are in the process of planning your wedding, whether it’s ‘I have no idea what I’m looking for’ or ‘I know exactly what I want, because I’ve filtered through lots and lots of wedding bouquet styles on Pinterest’; there are a number of questions you will need you will need to ask yourself… What Flowers Are In Season? Do You Have A Colour Palette? Is My Dream Bouquet Achievable Within My Budget? And lastly, Which Bouquet Shape Catches My Eye?


Wedding Bouquet Styles

A consultation with your wedding Florist means that you will be able communicate your wedding bouquet dreams, whilst your Florist can advise you of blooms that are in season, what is achievable within your budget and introduce you to shapes and styles that you my not have come across.

Check out some of our favourite Wedding Bouquets!! (Que... oh so pretty flowers!!)

Asymmetrical Bouquet - Country House Style Bouquet

If you are looking for a loose and organic bouquet – this is the one for you! Any flower and foliage can be used to create this perfectly lush imbalanced bouquet. Packed full of gorgeous blooms and mixed foliage these bouquets are our absolute favourite for achieving an organic look and feel.

Country House
Just Picked

Handtied Posy - ‘Just Picked’ Bouquet

The prettiest bouquet for a relaxed summer wedding. These natural posies are brimming with many seasonal meadow type flowers and foliage creating a fresh look bouquet for a rustic country wedding.

Round Bouquet - Handtied Bouquet

This is the perfect bouquet style if you want the design to be created with just one specific type of flower (usually roses or peonies) typically using flowers that a naturally round to create a perfect sphere. Additional types of flowers and foliage can be added to create texture and bring through different tones to complement your wedding colour palette and make your bouquet pop!

Handtied Bouquet
Shower Bouquet

Cascade Bouquet - Shower Bouquet

Often thought of as a traditional bouquet shape, this statement bouquet is making a comeback and we love it! Whether you are looking for a rustic bouquet filled with country garden flowers and trailing greenery or a modern bouquet filled with exotic foliage and elegant blooms, you can be assured that this style bouquet can add colour, texture and drama!

We hope this little insight will inspire you to find and design your perfect wedding bouquet! If you would like to some more inspiration, please follow this link to Pinterest with a whole list of different ideas.

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