What’s Your Favourite Flower?

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What's Your Favourite Flower?

A Reliable Constant

Whether you’re a professional, an amateur, or just a fan …. Flowers are kind of a big deal. They’re a constant, reliable presence at some of life’s greatest moments and most challenging trials.

As a florist, one of the most popular questions we get asked is ‘What’s your Favourite Flower?’ and it’s a question we never tire of answering, because who doesn’t love a flower?

Flower lovers will always have a favourite, often more than one …. It could be the way a flower looks, smells, the colour or even a memory it holds.

While studying and qualifying as a florist I gained extensive knowledge about so many different fresh blooms and varieties, I learnt that each flower has, let’s say…. “A little personality” and so this makes it somewhat impossible for me to choose one or two. Each bloom draws me in to its individuality and mesmerising characteristics.

Tulip favourite flower

The Tulip

Did you know that a tulip continues to grow even when cut from the bulb - The only flower in the world that lengthens once snipped. A pretty strong and underestimated bloom if you ask me!

The Rose

Look at the way a rose gently opens overtime to revel its many delicate petals that have been tucked away, it’s almost as if they wait until they feel safe to come out!

Rose favourite flower

The Stock

Matthiola Incarna – Stocks as they are better known. If you have ever smelt one of these beautiful flowers, I don’t really need to say anymore, but, if you haven’t then… YOU MUST!! Once you the scent of this bloom hits you, you will want more and more and more. Quite simply I can’t get enough!!

The Hyacinth

Similar to ‘The Stock’, Hyacinths have a gorgeous scent too, but for me they hold a dear memory - A memory that always makes me smile and back to visiting a house full of freshly cut hyacinths.

Hyacinth favourite flower
The Topiary Tree

It's Own Little Story

I could spend hours writing about each flower I’ve encountered over the years - the textures, feelings, memories and scents… Each flower with its own little story, but I’ll keep my favourites short and sweet and hope with my little insight you will get so much more pleasure from the fresh blooms you receive.

Nicola x

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