What’s in Season: Autumn

Autumn Leaves

What’s in Season: Autumn

A Floral Wonderland

If you have plans of tying the knot in a whole new floral wonderland, bursting with natural colour and fragrance - you must be keen to know which seasonal flowers are available to adorn the whole event. Here are some of the trendiest and visually stimulating blooms that are in season….


The Dahlia

(Symbolises loyalty, elegance and dignity)

These bold, multi-layered flowers are available in a spectrum of colours. They are simple, pretty and romantic – the perfect Autumnal wedding flower.


(Meaning devotion)

The hydrangea is a bush shrub with rounded or flattened flowering heads made of small florets. They are often used for dramatic ceremony and reception designs. They are available in a range of colours, the most popular in Autumn being rich purples, burgundy, reds and greens.



(Symbolising patience and dedication)

A cluster of small white, pink or reddish flowers creating a ‘fluffy’ spire. They are great for creating texture in bridal bouquets or centerpieces.


(Meaning strength)

Astrantia is from the parsley family. It’s often available in a light pink, white and dark pink/purplish coloured flower clusters. They are perfect for a woodland wedding theme.



(Meaning generosity)

Standing tall and proud, the gladiolus has a spiky stem with large florets that open in succession. Full stems can be used to add height to arrangements, while the individual florets make lovely boutonnieres. Often available in white, yellow, green, apricot, orange, pale pink, dark pink, red, lavender, purple.


(Symbolises attraction)

Available in blue or green, these flowers have elongated leaves and flowers in dense bracted heads  - it’s unusual shape gives gorgeous texture!



(Symbolises loyalty and pride)

Bold and flashy, with ray-like petals and disk-shaped dark centers, the sunflower is most at home at informal weddings. It comes in warm colours, from golden yellow to deep reddish brown.


(Meaning Long-Life)

Skimmia grows as a berrylike, short stem plant. Often in deep red/burgundy or lime green in colour, these berrylike clusters open into strong tiny white flowers.



(Symbolising graciousness)

Antirrhinum, also known as snapdragons, are brightly coloured two-lobed flowers formed into spikes. Mainly used for tall designs, such as wedding centerpieces and often available in vibrant shades!

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