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Valentines Flowers

A Special Impression

Valentines Day is just around the corner, kick it off right by ordering fresh blooms!

While supermarket flowers can be more convenient and affordable, you are celebrating a very special occasion and will want to make a memorable first impression.

We are florists and we may be bias in our views, but we want the very best for you and think it's probably a good idea to visit your local florist rather than a supermarket for your flowers!

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Professional quality

As a florist that has been in the business for over 20 years, we’d like to think there’s a difference in the quality of flowers. Here are a few reasons why…

Professional florists are qualified to care for flowers, we can give you the best advice to prolong the life of your blooms, so that your loved ones can enjoy them for longer!

We have a greater selection and variety of flowers from all over the world and our expert florists can work with you to create a bespoke floral display.


We love to share our knowledge and are extremely passionate about offering so much more than just a ‘bunch of flowers’. 

We offer ‘same day’ delivery throughout Stoke-on-Trent, deliver by hand to each recipient, using only the freshest flowers from our trusted suppliers.

Lastly, as a florist, flowers are our business. We specialise in flowers, it is in our best interest to sell the best quality and most beautiful blooms.

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A Rose is A Rose

The most traditional valentines’ gift - A Rose is A Rose…

A Florist Rose has a large blooming flower head, an abundance of petals, long, thick stem and gorgeous scent. The supermarket roses, non-scented, with small flower head and short stem are bought for approximately a quarter of the price. The higher price of a rose in a florist is not determined by who is buying them… instead they are priced according to the quality, grade and longevity of the flower - Our blooms have had rather a different journey to get to us.

We are not saying you should never buy from a supermarket, they serve their purpose as a quick, convenient and cheap purchase. However, if you decide to spend extra on the luxury of beautiful flowers, purchased from a florist, you do so knowing that you are paying for the superior quality of the flower and not just ‘supporting small businesses’.

We will always do a happy dance at the end of each day knowing that you have supported us, but we hope that you’ll do the same knowing that you have flowers worth 4 times more than the supermarket alternative. Luxury flowers that cost a few quid more but smell beautiful, look stunning & last so much longer in your homes!!

With Love,

The Topiary Tree Florist x

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