The Perfect Valentines Bouquet

Red Rose Bouquet

The Perfect Valentines Bouquet

Valentines Day is fast approaching...whether you are celebrating many blissful years together or you want to make a memorable first impression, here at The Topiary Tree we will help you to choose the perfect fresh flower gift.

As a Florist that has been in the business for over 20 years, we love to share our knowledge and are extremely passionate about offering so much more than just a ‘bunch of flowers’. We have a huge selection and variety of flowers & foliage from all over the world and our expert florists can work with you to create a bespoke floral bouquet.

Here's our tips to buying the best quality and most beautiful blooms whilst expressing your true valentines message.

Red Roses

Traditionally a rose is considered the flower of love. Although roses are available in many colours and shades the most popular colour at valentine is the Red Rose. It conveys admiration, romance, desire, respect ,devotion and everlasting love. Ultimately 'The Rose' celebrates the creative spirit of love.

Red Rose Bouquet

Number of Roses

The Single Rose

A single red rose signifies 'love at first sight' or ' i still love you'.

Two Roses

Giving two roses signifies your mutual love and affection.

Three Roses

The One Month Anniversary Gift. Three roses represent being a couple and shared love.

Six Roses

Traditional signifies infatuation. Whether you have a crush or blossoming relationship, when six roses are gifted in conveys desire.

Nine Roses

Giving nine roses sends the message 'We'll be together forever'.

Ten Roses

A bouquet of ten roses shows your love is perfection.

The Perfect Dozen

A dozen red roses shouts 'Be Mine'! 12 roses is the ultimate romantic gesture along with expressing greater love. 

Thirteen Roses

A bouquet of thirteen roses shows someone you'll be friends forever.

Twenty Roses

Giving twenty roses sends the message 'my feelings for you are truly sincere'.

Twenty Four Roses

Two dozen red roses shouts "I'm yours".

Thirty Six Roses

Three dozen red roses says "I'm head over heels in love".

Fifty Roses

A bouquet filled with fifty luxurious roses express a love that knows no bounds.


We are florists and we may be bias in our views, but we want the very best for you and think it's probably a good idea to visit your local florist rather than a supermarket for your flowers!

Our Professional Florists are qualified to care for flowers, we can give you the best advice to prolong the life of your blooms, so that your loved ones can enjoy them for longer!

We offer ‘same day’ delivery throughout Stoke-on-Trent, deliver by hand to each recipient, using only the freshest flowers from our trusted suppliers.

It's time to place your Valentines order!!


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