Interview With A Florist Stoke on Trent

Florist Stoke on Trent

Interview With A Florist in Stoke on Trent

Incredible attention to detail, infectious laughter and charming personality. Totally committed to getting everything perfect for our clients.

With many years experience working as a florist Amanda loves any opportunity to interact with people on a daily basis and occasionally shows off her singing and tap dancing skills on a ‘Mad Friday’ along with Allan who also has a history in dance and performance!

How Did You Get Into Floristry Industry?

I met Rose (original owner and boss lady!) on the school playground when collecting my daughters and after asking her advice about Floristry courses, I enrolled on a two year part time Floristry course at Reeseheath along with working a couple of days a week at The Topiary Tree to gain experience.

I qualified with a Distinction and gained a B-Tech National Advance Award (which i'm really proud of) and continue to work for The Topiary Tree full time.


How Long Have You Worked For The Topiary Tree Florist?

I started part time back in 2002. I then spent a couple of years doing something completely different and returned again 4 years ago 😊


What's Your Favourite Part Of Being A Florist?

I enjoy the interaction and the relationships we have built with our customers. I mainly work on the front counter and answer the phone; i'm usually the first person customers see as they enter the shop. I’m definitely a people person.

Being a Florist has so many different aspects, working at The Topiary Tree enables be to create something different everyday. I love the variety of arrangements we make and the access to flowers from around the world i get to work with. It never gets boring; being able to create something different each and everyday.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

Mmmmm..... I don’t know if I have a particular style!! My colleges might disagree??

We are super lucky to have Amanda with us - she is able to adapt to many styles of floristry; whether it's 'just picked', country, modern or a seasonal design! We'd say her contemporary, linear designs are our faves!!


What's Your Favourite Flower To Work With?

I'm able to work with so many beautiful flowers, it's hard to choose just one! With flowers and foliage having particular seasons and availability being limited to certain times of year, it's really exciting when you know a flower is just about to come into season.

I just love them all!!

Where Do You Draw Inspiration From?

My inspiration often comes from other members of the team, especially in the early days; when i started learning the job. Sometimes just a particular flower we have in the shop, a picture or even a particular event that we are styling, a colour or specific story line we need to evoke, allows me to experiment and can lead to the most amazing creations!


What's Your Career Highlight?

I  feel very proud to have found and be part of an amazing team - there's only four of us, but blimey do we create some amazing work at our flourists, Stoke on Trent.

The feedback, reviews, thanks and the praise we receive is so lovely and makes even the longest days all worth while, especially after special occasions such Mother’s Day, Valentines Dad or a big event we have styled.

The everyday highlight is being able to make people’s day and see them smile.

Tell Me A Bit About Yourself!

Ha!!!! I love to make people laugh. I’m a bit nuts, well I think we all are at the shop at times, it’s in the creative genes to be a bit unusual! I’ve always been more of a creative person than an academic....And I love my job ❤️

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