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Heirloom Bouquets

Here at The Topiary Tree Florist nothing gives us more pleasure than to see our Bride flushed with emotion when we present her with her finished bridal bouquet.  Over the last fourteen years it has been my great privilege to create some unique and very emotive bridal bouquets for some very special ladies and the Heirloom Bouquets are some of the most memorable.


In recent months, I have been personally commissioned to work two small antique family portraits into one Bride’s bouquet. The beautiful antique frames housed a small portrait of her grandparents who had sadly passed away, she wanted to remember them on her big day and asked me what I could do. I designed a completely unique bouquet which discretely held the two pictures in place, the bouquet was beautiful and I knew I’d done all right when the Bride had to choke back her tears when she saw it.

One of my more recent beautiful ‘Ashes Brides’ wanted a very natural, relaxed, ‘just picked’ look for her bouquet and described how she fancied it being ‘tied’ with her father’s old leather belt.  I have to say that was a pretty challenging commission as I couldn’t cut the belt and wanted her bouquet to be easy for her to hold, but again she was delighted with the results and I slept well that night.


I have used vintage brooches and pearls to great effect too but perhaps my most memorable bridal bouquet was when a bride explained that she simply couldn’t be without her lip-gloss at any cost and was quite beside herself at the idea she wouldn’t have it to hand on her wedding day. Together, we came up with the ingenious idea of incorporating a secret compartment within her bridal bouquet which held her lip-gloss and a tiny mirror. She loved it and it worked a treat, her lips were glossy all day and she exuded confidence.

So whatever your whimsy or flight of fancy, don’t hesitate to mention it to us and we’ll discuss ways in which we can incorporate your heirloom or idea into your bridal bouquet. It’s these personal touches that you’ll remember long after your wedding day.

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