Flower Crown – The Fashionable Accessory

Foliage and Berry Flower Crown

Flower Crown - The Fashionable Accessory


The Flower Crown is a style trend that just keeps flourishing and today is associated with Coachella revellers and Boho brides. However, this stylish headpieces has a rich and festive history dating back to the ancient classical world.

Power & Glory

The circular or sometimes horseshoe shape headpiece was a symbol of power and glory.

In ancient Greece and Rome many crowns were made of wool and foliage, such as ivy leaves and myrtle. Ancient Gods and Goddesses often wore crowns made out of branches and plant leaves that were specifically dedicated to them.

Foliage and Rose Flower Crown
Foliage Flower Crown


Flower and foliage crowns were first introduced as an honorary reward in athletic contestants; winners traditionally received a crown of laurel or olive leaves. The ancient Romans often dressed their military leaders in halos made of oak or myrtle to show that they had an authoritative role and were of high rank, but more importantly war heroes.

Celebration & Festivities

Wool crowns decorated with flowers, petals from roses, myrtle and parsley were later worn for celebrations and festivities; much like they are today! In Rome, this must have accessory was made from flower petals and vines to celebrate spring and vegetation, women would wear brightly coloured flower crowns and carry baskets of fresh flowers to celebrate. Heavier and fuller crowns often adorned with flowers and colourful beading were later worn by wealthier members of society and become a popular accessory and a trend for women.

Summer Flower Crown
Sunset Flower Crown

Elegant Tradition

In more recent times, the bridal floral crown was made fashionable by Queen Victoria when she wore a crown of orange blossom on her wedding day. Queen Victoria's symbolic crown created an elegant tradition to veils, as lace and floral details became very popular at the time.

Love & Peace

In the 70's flowery headpieces were worn to resemble love, peace and free spirit. Loose flowers tucked into braids or fastened throughout the hair also became popular throughout this time.


Today the flower crown symbols victory, celebration, love, romance, or femininity. It's a timeless accessory that will continue to weave in and out of fashion.

We absolutely love a natural headpiece and every girl wants and excuse to wear flowers in her hair. Whether you are looking for something whimsical and chic or sophisticated and elegant we will help you to choose your perfect floral halo!

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