Bridesmaids Bouquets – What will your ‘maids carry down the aisle?

Bridesmaids Bouquets

Bridesmaids Bouquets

What will your 'maids carry down the aisle?

When it comes to choosing flowers to adorn your wedding day, the brides bouquet is definitely the starting point for personal flowers and we know you will want all other florals to complement yours!

Since your 'maids will be among the most heavily photographed group of the day and so much though has been put into choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses - you'll want to make sure they look picture perfect and their floral accessories complement the overall vibe of the day.

While you have probably thought a lot about the flowers you'll be carrying, your bridesmaids flower might not have crossed your mind. Don't worry though, we are here to help!

Blush Bridesmaids Bouquets

Allow For Some Individuality

It's important that the bouquets you gift to your bridesmaids symbolise love and admiration - after all they are your best girls! Traditionally bridesmaids carried bouquets that were very different to the brides bouquet, however, times are changing and we see a lot of brides opt for their bridesmaids to carry something similar to themselves.

You may choose to keep all the bridesmaids florals similar to your own (we are a huge fan!). To ensure your 'maids bouquets complement rather than compete, we recommend your own bouquet to be slightly larger or to have at least one different flower.

If your a 'County House Bouquet' bride, a mixed foliage bouquet with a few flowers through might be the perfect bouquet for your Bridesmaids!

Don't Get Too Matchy

Many couples assume all florals should match the bridesmaids dresses; either the same colour or same shade. However, it is much better to use varying shades of your wedding colours or even a contrasting colour if you're feeling bold or sticking to a natural palette elsewhere. For example, if you bridesmaids are wearing blush pink, choose pale pinks, dark pinks, ivories and green/grey foliage's.

Remember, you don't want your bridesmaids flowers to blend into their dresses on photos; you want them to complement the overall wedding theme.

Lilac Bridesmaids Bouquets
Pale Pink Bouquets

Big Is Beautiful

The bridal bouquet is the most photographed floral arrangement throughout the entire wedding day, so we know you will want it to be extra special! To signify your bridesmaids supportive role on your big day, choose their bouquets in a similar style to yours - opt for the same blooms and foliage's but save a few speciality blooms for yourself!

They can still be big and beautiful without distracting from your epic bouquet!

Keep It Clean

Your bridesmaids may be wearing different styles, prints or shades of dresses, but don't worry - we have got it covered. Choose a monochromatic palette, you don't want the overall look to get messy! Think outside the box when it comes to detailed or highly patterned bridesmaids dresses, maybe opt for floral crowns or wrist corsages; We know you will still want your favourite ladies to feel important and look gorgeous!

Bridesmaids Bouquets
Bouquets with Ribbons

Remember The Ribbon

We think you'll agree the smaller details are just as important as the blooms themselves! Whether your looking for a simple finish of satin, a rustic hessian bow, delicate lace, a twine knot or long trails of cotton; we have it all! We will help you to choose the perfect finish to your dream bouquet.

While you don't need to stress about what your bridesmaids will be carrying down the aisle, you should definitely give your wedding party florals as much thought as your own. We will help you to choose the perfect floral accessories whilst making sure they ooze personality, complement your wedding theme and create just enough impact without distracting from your own!

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