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The Ashes Barn Wedding Venue Staffordshire

We consider it a great honour to be the recommended florist for The Ashes Barn Wedding Venue. This incredible wedding venue is stunning and never fails to inspire us as florists. It is the ultimate ‘blank canvas’ onto which you can impress your own style and personality through your chosen floral designs.

Having dressed this venue many times, you can relax safe in the knowledge that we can accurately advise you about how best to maximise the impact of your flowers in the venue, without maxing out your budget!

We already know the dimensions of all the unique windowsills in the civil ceremony barn, the length of the balconies to optimise swag, we’re familiar with the chairs so we know how best to attach pew ends and the height of the hook behind the registrar’s table. We’re also aware that if we make things easy to move, then the wonderful Event Managers at The Ashes can transfer all your floral arrangements into the wedding breakfast barn at the end of your drinks reception thus saving you having to decorate both barns.

The sheer height of the barns opens up a myriad of possibilities for your table centre pieces and we will enjoy getting to know you and understanding your vision for the day before we advise you on what style of centre piece will best suit you and look fantastic in the barn.

We’ll never push you to have more than you need, we know how wonderful these barns can look with the simplest of touches but we also know how to make your guests stop in their tracks at they enter the barns, just to take in the splendour of your magnificent floral arrangements and their heady bouquet.

Our knowledge of this venue means that at your private consultation we can concentrate on understanding you, your wishes and hopes for the day, your likes and dislikes. We won’t have to ask lots of questions about the venue because we’ll already be imagining what should go where to make your dreams a reality.

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